First Love Farm

Included in child care, preschool, and summer camp programs

First and foremost we must roam and learn from nature itself

Welcome to our Giving Garden!

To dig in the earth, plant a seed, add a little sun, sprinkle about some water, nurture it, and let it grow! Every child should be offered this experience. Imagine the awe and wonder! There are many studies that show that nature is essential for successful human growth and development.

Each year the children at Village Learning prepare, plant, and care for their own garden. As they turn over each little shovelful of dirt… what will they find? A wiggling worm… and what is its purpose? A tiny sprout peeking out from the soil… did it come from the seed? Later, as life is in full bloom from the seeds that we have sown… a time for harvest and it tastes so good! Let the exploration begin!

Children pick green beans for local food banks
Girl shows off green bean harvest from the garden
Girl meets baby chick on the farm

I wonder… how many eggs will there be today?

In the midst of our garden we have our very special chicken coop. Our chickens and rooster are at home in what is more like their own aviary! The children love to wander about to find their favorite weeds and take them a treat. We learn that through good care, happy chickens give us farm fresh eggs. What a discovery to find new eggs each morning!

Next, the children are welcome to assist filling their water tanks. Every couple of weeks teachers scoop out the old bedding; then the fun begins… the children love adding in the new fluffy shavings! This is a program to grow with according to each child’s stage of life, abilities and desire. Every child agrees… farm life is the life for me!

A pony of our own

Yes, that’s right. In addition to our beautiful Morgan named Midnight, the children at Village Learning have a pony of their own and her name is Junie B. Jones!

Have you ever heard of the statue of the horse and child called “First Love?” How could anyone resist? That is exactly why we call the nature part of our program and all it encompasses First Love Farm!

Here, the surroundings of our pastures and the help to explore and care for them is a part of each child’s experience. They love to roam around with their buckets and shovels, watching for our red tail hawks who nest here to circle above, as they pick up rocks and fill in holes with dirt so that the horse’s hooves stay safe. This is a weekly request… and adventure!

Next, they love to fill the water tanks and give the horses treats. Can we brush them? That fits in too. Our horses love the children. Imagine… all the love you give, being given right back… no wonder frequent visits are in high demand! And why not… life just does not get better than this!

Our new pony Junie B. Jones
A girl loving our pony Junie at Renton child care