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Read reviews from parents and staff as they tell you in their own words how Village Learning has impacted their children. One of my favorite reviews came from Vanessa who said, “This home daycare is not just a daycare, it’s a house full of love, and smiles!” And that’s what we strive for at Village Learning—each and every day.

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Highly recommended!!

I can’t say enough about my daughter’s experience at Village Learning. Melodie and her staff make learning fun; my daughter never felt that she was being “taught” in the traditional sense, even though she was more than prepared for kindergarten! Her education at Village Learning included far more than typical preschool and pre-kindergarten skills.

Children of all ages practice empathy, respect for living things, love and kindness. They explore their creativity though arts and crafts, performing on stage, and playing in the outdoor village and tree house. My daughter especially loved helping in the kitchen and garden, and tending to the chickens and horses within the natural park-like setting.

My only regret is that we didn’t learn of this establishment early enough for our oldest to attend for more than one summer before he was off to elementary school. Village Learning is a hidden treasure… Highly recommended!!

-Jessica Clark, Google review (2016)
Google review: Highly recommended

A house full of love and smiles…

This is the best home daycare available here in the Renton Highlands! My 5 yr old daughter has been here for over 2 years now and my almost 9 month old son has been here since he was 3 months. Melodie and her staff are the best! Both of my kids loves coming here every day; there is no dull moment here!

Melodie offers a preschool program and it is by far even better than kindergarten curriculum. My daughter learns her alphabet and numbers by “playing” and “singing”. The summer camp programs during the summer are amazing! Melodie teaches the kids about gardening, farm chores and my daughter’s favorite “summer picnic”. This home daycare is not just a daycare, it’s a house full of love, and smiles!

-Vanessa L, Yelp review (2016)
Yelp review: Best home daycare available here in the Renton Highlands

Cowboy trio (two boys and a girl)
Smiling boy from the childcare program

Melodie makes learning fun…

We’ve been sending our two kids to Village Learning Child Care for almost 2 years now. In just one year prior to Kindergarten, my son learned his alphabet, and how to read. He memorized the months of the year, the days of the week and many sight words. He went from dreading “learning” to absentmindedly singing songs to himself about vowels while playing with his trains.

Melodie makes learning fun for the kids. When they are not busy playing outside in the child-sized village, or with the myriad fun and educational toys, they ASK to practice their sight words. There is so much life and joy wrapped up in this place. There is always someone singing or giving a hug.

My daughter has been going to Melodie’s since she was very small. The Village difference is shockingly apparent with her. She’s not quite 2 but she can count to ten, dress herself (and insists upon it), and climb/run/chase with the big kids. She constantly shocks me with the things she has accidentally learned when playing with the other kids. She can count by 2s, she knows her alphabet, she does up buttons, and she knows every children’s song imaginable.

Love the values they are learning…

In addition to seeing how my kiddos have thrived in this environment, I love the values they are learning here. It is so important to me that they are raised in a loving and nurturing environment that encourages them to think for themselves and develop self-confidence.

I love coming to pick them up and seeing their faces covered with dust or dirt from playing hard outside in nature. It is so important to me that childhood not be separated from the joy of getting dirty. Both kids are stronger and healthier from running and playing outside in the fresh air year-round. This place really is a treasure.

-Amy B, Yelp review (2016)
Yelp review: This place is really a treasure

This place is truly a gem for children!

We just love Melodie and feel every bit of blessed, with the love she has to offer to our daughter! This place is truly a gem for children! Our daughter has attended Village Learning for the last 3 years and we have NO regrets for our choice in childcare & pre-school.


From day one our daughter has been soooo excited to get to school & frowns every time we arrive to pick her up, at the end of the day! (As crazy as it sounds, this is a great feeling as parents when we have to leave our children for the day!)

Melodie makes sure that all the children’s personalities, interests, talents, learning levels and feelings are treated fairly and equally. Village Learning’s morals & values are hard to come by, in today’s world and we are so thankful that our daughter can take with her these experiences for a lifetime!

-Angie S, Yelp review (2016)
Yelp review: This place is truly a gem for children

Games at the end-of-summer party

Wow! I wish I was a child again!

I used to work at Village Learning and absolutely loved it there! The first time I walked into this beautiful place my first thought was, “Wow! I wish I was a child again!” Working for Ms. Melodie the owner has been a blessing in my life. I learned so much from her; things that will stick with me for the rest of my life, things like selfless love and devotion to caring for others. I’ve never met a woman that works so  and yet, enjoys so much what she does. It’s her lifestyle! She loves the kids and instills in them love for themselves, for others and the world around them.

I’ve worked at different places with children but I always thought children who come to Village Learning are so privileged! We made everything fun yet educational and that’s how children learn best. In my opinion, these kids were advanced socially, emotionally, and intellectually compared to other children in other places. I was always amazed by this.

Surrounded by lots of nature…

I was always amazed by this. Another thing I loved was the outdoors! The school is basically surrounded by lots of nature. There is a pasture with three beautiful horses, there’s a chicken coop, a garden, an awesome playground with a village where kids can pretend play.

There’s also an amazing theatre stage which is really fun. I mean this place will “wow” anyone and everyone! Indoors, it’s also amazing! From the colorful art room to the amazing play house for pretend play, the kids have tons of choices to play with, explore, learn and be happy. I would recommend this place to any parent who wants their children to have an amazing childhood! They will love it and thank you for it! I don’t have any kids yet but I definitely look forward to bringing my own here when the time comes. 🙂

-Hanncel Sanchez, Google review (2016)
Google review: I would recommend this place to any parent

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