Mon.-Thurs. 7:00 am-6:00 pm. Fri. 7:00 am-5:30 pm Includes all early learning programs

At Village Learning we create an environment where building relationships is held close to the heart as an important element for happiness in the life of each child. It is of great importance that we offer an environment for our programs where we are surrounded by our own green pastures and the park’s forest. In studies, for both children and adults alike, this environment affects one’s creative thinking skills and is essential in enabling each child to successfully…  « more »

Children in our programs play in their own Wild West village
Circle time goes outdoors when the sun shines

Preschool is… school readiness. It’s the very important beginning step that sets the pace for how important your child will feel his or her school time and school work is. For many of you, you’ll be sending your child off for their first school experience. Here is where it all begins, and they are proud and excited with every accomplishment. How we, during our time here and you upon pick up and during your time at home, relate to their excitement…  « more »

Included in child care, preschool, and summer camp

At Village Learning, art is available every day. The importance of art as an experience that allows a child to actualize and internalize their experience without interruption, direction, or modeling is essential for their well-being, growth, and development. Art that is self-directed allows the child to bring something into existence (the art experience) through their own creative thinking, bringing greater meaning and depth to the child. The role of the adult is to… « more »

Girl uses paper, scissors, and glue to create art project
Children peek through corn stalks in our summer garden
Included in child care, preschool, and summer camp

To dig in the earth, plant a seed, add a little sun, sprinkle about some water, nurture it, and let it grow! Every child should be offered this experience. Imagine the awe and wonder! There are many studies that show that nature is essential for successful human growth and development. Each year the children at Village Learning prepare, plant, and care for… « more »

Our specialty theme camp, enrolled for as a whole

We’ll be welcoming new friends, creating our “signature art” on our custom camp T-shirts, and designing our secret meeting headdresses to wear at the start of each week when we come together for our “pow wow” circle to discuss what adventures lie ahead. This is the time for our meeting of the minds to share wisdom, bringing forth ideas in abundance from… « more »

Three girls learn how to listen to horses
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Included in full-day childcare
Into the woods we find a fallen tree… How deep were the roots? “Twice as tall as I am!” Look, there are plants growing wild here! “Can you eat them?” And… What about bee’s, how is honey made? What does it mean to pollinate? Let’s ponder for a moment a very wise quote… “When you teach a child something, you take away forever his chance of discovering it for himself.” -Jean Piaget. Let the journey begin…  « more »